Apps to Learn Crochet

Apps to Learn Crochet

Por: Olivia Cristina

Learn to crochet in an easy, free and quick way using your cell phone.


Hey there! Have you noticed how crochet, this age-old technique, has reinvented itself and is now all the rage in fashion and decor? Plus, check this out: technology is lending a helping hand in this trend. So now, with just a few clicks, you can learn, hone your skills, and even craft unique pieces. Ready? Let’s dive in!

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Why Download an App?

First off, convenience: no more piles of books or pricey courses. Besides, with a smartphone or tablet, the world of crochet is right at your fingertips. And the range? Oh, there are tutorials from the very basics to the super complex stitches. Lastly, many of these apps are super interactive: you can zoom in, repeat a step, and even chat with fellow crocheters in forums.

Knit Tink: The World of Crochet in Your Pocket

Perfect for both newbies and seasoned crocheters, plus, Knit Tink is packed with nifty features: track your projects, count rows, and get information on the best yarns and needles. Oh, and if you’re fluent in English, you’ll enjoy it even more. It’s free, but it has those sneaky in-app purchases. Click [here] to download.

Easy Stitch: Your Next Project Starts Here
Ever imagined having a vast collection of patterns and, on top of that, earning badges for your achievements? Easy Stitch is that realm. Moreover, the tutorials are super user-friendly, and you can customize your projects. It’s a hit, you know? Over 100,000 downloads and an almost perfect rating!

Pocket Crochet: Crochet in the Digital Age

Ideal for those who want full control. Additionally, you can add yarns, counters, archive projects, and even import patterns in PDF format. And guess what: it speaks multiple languages! Check out how to download [here].

Row Counter: Easier Life for Crocheters
This one is everyone’s darling. Also, its near-perfect rating and amazing features, like voice controls, stand out. So, while you’re deep into your project, it guides you. Cool, right? Check out how to download [here].

Crochet Tutorials: Your Virtual Coach

Think of a comprehensive app. Moreover, even those who’ve never held a needle feel right at home. Clear tutorials, opportunities to craft beautiful pieces, and even share your creations. And the cost? Zero! Check out how to download [here].

Crochet Without Borders: Going Beyond the Needles
Want to dive even deeper into this creative sea? “Crochet Without Borders” is the ideal app. It combines the beauty of traditional patterns with modern innovations. Besides learning the basic stitches, you can challenge yourself with advanced techniques. Plus, interactivity is a highlight: you can even make friends and exchange valuable tips.

Crochet & Co: Anytime, Anywhere

This app is like having a crochet teacher 24/7. For instance, whether you’re on the bus, during a work break, or just relaxing at home, Crochet & Co is right there with you. The video tutorials are of high quality, and you can adjust the playback speed as you need. And oh, it has a super active community for exchanging ideas.

And the Benefits Don’t Stop There…
With the rise of these apps, many developers offer very handy extra features. From daily reminders to motivate you to crochet to integrations with social media where you can showcase your creations to the world.

Pro Tip

Did you know crochet can be an extra income source? With these apps, you not only learn but also can sell your pieces. And if you’re into SEO, consider using terms like “sell crochet online” or “how to monetize my crochet hobby”. Digital has brought added value to the traditional.

The digital age and crochet have formed an incredible partnership. Tradition meets innovation, making this art more accessible and versatile. Whether you’re already a crochet fan or just starting out, these apps are a goldmine. So, grab your needle, download your favorite app, and explore a world brimming with possibilities!

Remember: crochet is more than just a hobby, it’s an expression of art, patience, and passion. In each stitch, you put a piece of yourself. And with these apps, this process becomes even more fun and enriching. Happy crocheting! 😊

So, did you like getting to know these crochet apps? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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