Elegant home decor with limited budget

Elegant home decor with limited budget

By: Olivia Cristina

Check out these decorating tips that you can make in your home without spending a lot!


Decorating your home elegantly does not mean spending all your money. In this sense, with creativity, research and some tricks up your sleeve, it is possible to transform any environment into a sophisticated and welcoming space. Here are some tips:

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First, organize everything!

Do you know the saying “less is bad”? It is totally applicable here. Therefore, as soon as you put your home in order, an organized home looks much more stylized. You can have a wonderful sofa, but if there is clutter everywhere, you won't notice it.

Bet on decorative frames
Have you been thinking about giving your living room a real touch? In this sense, it uses decorative moldings, especially in the ceiling unions with the wall, providing immediate sophistication. And, besides, it's brilliant! There are options for all materials and prices.

The walls are not enough to paint
What do you think about putting together an elegant painting or a meaningful photo? Furthermore, the frames also make a difference; Good art on the wall transforms the space.

Plantitas are always welcome in your home

Do you want to bring life to space? Besides plants, if you don't have skills with natural ones, artificial ones also have their charm. That's it, a jar here, a close-fitting plant and voilà: instant transformation.

Rattan and mimbre: a trend that has arrived to stop
These materials are very close to home, sitting on carpets, furniture or cozy accessories, providing a modern and relaxed atmosphere in space.

Mirrors: more than utilitarian
In addition to reviewing your performance of the day, your mirrors expand space and add elegance. In this sense, opt for models with original frames or creative shapes.

The light makes all the difference

First, invest in lamps and table lamps that provide a cozy environment. However, the most expensive is not always the most beautiful. Sometimes, an offer can be the focal point of your room (Source: DecorBrasil).

Gold accessories: pure luxury
A golden touch here and there gives an air of wealth, but, be careful!, without excess. That's it, less is always more.

Windows: more than just a view
Curtains, blinds and other window treatments provide extra and help control light. But on the ground it's for privacy, it has the power to transform the environment.

Paint old furniture
Instead of buying something new, how about renovating that old furniture with a vibrant color? In this sense, a DIY (Hazlo Tú Mismo) can be very fun and give a new look to the space.

Glass and crystals: brilliance and elegance in your home
Small glass or crystal objects, such as statues or vases, reflect the light and provide a sophisticated touch. To decide, it is worth investing in this detail.

Textures and fabrics: the finishing touch
Cojines, blankets and carpets can transform a bland environment into a welcoming space. Therefore, choose comfortable fabrics and combine different textures for a more relaxed result.

The printed ones can be your allies
A wall with painted paper or, in the same way, with a printed furniture can bring dynamism to the environment. Be bold! But remember to balance it with more neutral colors to avoid overloading.

Floating shelves: style and functionality

Perfect for small spaces, the floating shelves are practical and modern. Furthermore, they are ideal for placing your books, plants or decorative objects and watching the environment come to life.

Bet for multifunctional furniture
Poufs that can be used as tables, sofa beds or, in the same way, extendable tables. Furthermore, in addition to saving space, you get incredible functionality and decoration.

The natural elements are always welcome
Incorporates stones, wood and other natural elements into the decoration. Provides a rustic and sophisticated air at the same time

Metal accessories
In addition to the gold, the plate and, in the same way, the copper is also in silver. In addition, lamps, vases or even landmarks can improve your home.

Recycle and reuse
Furthermore, before removing something, consider whether it cannot be renewed in any other way. An old wine cellar can be converted into a stylish cabinet, for example.

Add a touch of green
Ya sit with a vertical garden, bunches of spices in the kitchen or, in the same way, hanging plants, the green brings freshness and life to the environments.

Customize your space
After all, at home you must reflect on who you are! In this sense, add objects that tell your story, photos of special moments and everything that makes you feel good. In this way, in addition to being stylized, your space will be unique and special.

Offer for furniture with an open design
They are practical, modern and also help to give a feeling of spaciousness in the space. These furniture allow you to see part of the ground, creating the illusion of more space.

Maximize vertical space in your home

If you have limited space, look up! Use tall shelves, tight cabinets and hooks to make the most of vertical space.

Integrated environments
If it's possible, break down some walls! Integrated environments, such as living room and kitchen, create a feeling of spaciousness and modernity.

Use mirrors creatively
We talk about mirrors, but how about using them creatively? Mirrors with different shapes or arranged in a mosaic on the wall can be a big difference.

Aromas that decorate
A house on the ground lives by its visual appearance. Use aromatic candles, diffusers and incense to provide a cozy and fragrant environment in your home.

Bet on handcrafted items in your home

Nothing like having unique pieces. Search for local crafts or even dare to do something yourself.

Vintage pieces have value
This furniture or antique accessory, if it is well preserved or restored, can be the focus of your decoration. They bring history and charm.

Give work to those forgotten places
This forgotten corner of the house can be converted into a reading space, a mini bar or even a zen space with kitchenware and candles.

Use colors strategically
Colors can influence our state of mind. Pastel tones provide tranquility, while vibrant colors energize. Use them to your advantage, depending on the function of each environment.

Check before deciding
Before painting a wall or buying a large furniture, test it. Look at color samples, there are simulations. It's better to prevent than to correct later.

Prioritize natural lighting

Large windows, light curtains and strategically placed mirrors can maximize the entry of natural light, saving energy and bringing comfort.

Customize the details
Different handles on cabinets, kitchen covers that change with stations, small stickers on tiles. The details, in many ways, mark the difference.

Create a focal point
Each space needs a point of attention. It could be a wall of color, a work of art or even furniture. Decide how you want the care center to be and organize the rest in this way.

Use open shelves
It's a great trend and allows you to show off your favorite items, including books, decorative objects or even plants. But remember to keep everything organized so as not to overcrowd the space.

Neutral colors as a base

Sticking to a neutral color palette on the walls and floors allows for greater flexibility in changing accessories and decorations with time.

Quality textiles
Investing in good textiles, such as sheets, towels and curtains, on the ground brings a touch of luxury, which can also last longer than cheaper options.

Personal art
Instead of opting for generic impressions, look for art that really resonates with you. It could be a piece by a local artist or a work that reflects your travels or passion.

Environmental lighting
Proper lighting can transform a space. It combines ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps to create different environments in each room.

Take care of your proportions
Choose furniture that adapts to the size of your space. A furniture that is too large can overwhelm a room, while one that is too small can seem lost.

Don't forget the technology
Generally speaking, the ceiling is a forgotten surface in decoration, but painting it or adding architectural details can have a big impact.

Natural elements

Elements like water, fire and plants can bring balance and tranquility to your home. Consider it a small fountain, a chimenea or even a aquarium.

Functionality first
Decoration is important, but your home must also be functional. Think about how you use each space and organize it so that it adapts to your daily needs.

Maintain order
Once you have created a beautiful space, take the time to maintain it. Clutter can be distracting and add value to your design, so you find organizational systems that work for you.

Lastly, remember that the decoration of your home is a reflection of you. Don't be afraid to break the rules and do what makes you happy. With time, you can adapt and change your space so that it always feels fresh and representative of whoever you are.

I hope these additional tips are helpful in your decorating process. If you have another question or need more details, I'm here to help!

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