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See how easy it is to download the Bible on your cell phone!

Now it's easier to take God's word wherever you are!

With technology changing everything around it, religion couldn't be left out, right? But know that it arrived to help you read your Bible wherever and whenever you want.

See how to download right now

Did you know that you can download the Bible app on your cell phone today super quickly and have access to reading the word of God in the palm of your hand? The application is available for Android and iOS and is completely complete, with new and old testaments.

In addition to the holy words of the Bible, you can also have access to homilies, reflections, videos, songs and much more about this religious universe that satisfies God the Father.

Benefits of Having the Bible App on your Cell Phone

✅You can read the Bible wherever you want, whether at work, at home, at school and anywhere you feel like it
✅It is possible to read the Bible even without internet
✅The gospel is complete
✅There is the option to share with your friends, families and companions in the mission of Christ
✅Beautiful and motivational messages for everyday life
✅Dynamic and easy reading of the word of God

Have you ever thought about being able to read the Bible wherever you want, without having to worry about taking the paper Bible everywhere? Well, you can do that starting today.

Have God Closer to You

The word of God in the palm of your hand

Keep the Bible with you at all times!

Stay close to God

By reading the Bible you become closer to God and his teachings.

Your soul lighter

A good Christian knows how to make his soul lighter and get closer to God through reading the Bible.

Perfect to read wherever you want

Have the word of God throughout your day wherever and whenever you need it.

God close to you

You come even closer to God with his word close to you.