Applications to Simulate a Haircut

By: Olivia Cristina

Discover what your hair will look like with different haircuts!

Did you know that it is possible to simulate a haircut using an app and eliminate your doubts and regrets after the cut?! It's very simple, you just need to choose a photo, select the desired haircut and you can even experiment with colors. Once the transformation is complete, you can save or share the result on social networks such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram and show everyone how you will look!

Super Complete Haircut Apps

  • Viewing and sharing: after finding the ideal look, it's easy to save and share your new appearance, allowing you to receive opinions before actually changing and not regret your choice.
  • Variety of cut styles and colors: you can choose from short cuts to longer, more voluminous options to find what suits you best. Furthermore, you can experiment with different tones and colors.
  • Personalized simulation: with facial recognition technology, the app adapts the cut to your face, ensuring perfect harmony with your features.
  • Trends in the world of hair: stay informed about the latest news in the hair world, ranging from classic looks to the most modern for all occasions.
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems allows users of different devices to experience these features.

How to Download the Application?

It's very simple, you just need to enter the playstore or in applestore and search for the name of the desired application! Then just log in and explore the haircuts.

Custom Cuts

These apps give you the chance to test how different cuts harmonize with your style and face shape, eliminating uncertainty when changing your look. Haircut simulation apps provide an interactive way to explore different hairstyle options available to both men and women before deciding on a permanent change.

In addition to simulations, these apps also provide hair care advice, covering color, extensions and other useful information about styling and maintenance.

Making changing your look an easy and pleasurable experience is the goal of these apps, allowing you to test different styles in the comfort of your home and offering an early view of the final look.

Technology comes as an ally in the search for the ideal cut, facilitating the experimentation and decision process without the need to physically search for salons or hairdressers.

Applications to Simulate Haircuts: Hair Simulator

Despite being only available for Android, this app allows you to change your style within thousands of options and even offers a change of scenery with the possibility of even adding accessories.


One of the most popular with more than half a billion downloads, FaceApp has a huge range of hairstyles and even allows you to edit your photos and leave them the way you want. Furthermore, it can be downloaded by Android or iOS users. Click here to download.

Applications to Simulate Haircuts: Photo Modeler

Available for Android, this app has the possibility of modeling selfies with a few taps and this way, you can analyze all the angles of your new haircut.

Haircut Simulator

Ideal for those who specifically want to change their hair, with several styling options. It is available for Android and iOS and can help you choose the best cut from the variety available.

Apps to Simulate Haircuts: Hairstyles Tutorials DIY

It offers a variety of hairstyles, especially for women and best of all, you can download and have fun with a huge variety of cuts available in the app. It is available for Android and iOS. Click here and see how to download.

Exploring and having fun with the possibilities for change has never been more accessible. With these apps, transformation is just a few clicks away, but remember that the final decision will always be yours. Beauty is a personal perception, so have fun on the journey to find the look that suits you and start your transformation today!

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