Apps to Watch Doramas Online

By: Olivia Cristina

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Only those who are fans of Dorama know that watching can be a big headache, since they are not so easily found out there on streaming or subscription channels. However, we have brought you a list of super functional and award-winning apps that you can watch Doramas Online.

The World of Doramas

Doramas are becoming more and more famous and attracting more and more people to this incredible universe. In this sense, the drama is a story that has a beginning, middle and end and is interpreted by actors who act weekly in Japanese and Asian channels. That is, they are very similar to Brazilian soap operas, however their access is not so easy and that is why we have brought places for you to watch dramas online.

Apps to Watch Doramas Online: We Tv

We Tv is an app that has a huge range of Asian dramas and also many other types of Asian content. It is voted by many as the best app to watch dramas as well as Asian movies and shows on your phone.

The best part is that the app has subtitles in Portuguese and is completely free. That is, you don't have to pay anything to have fun.


Despite being a streaming channel, the platform has recently started making online dramas available to its audience. However, despite being new in this field, netflix is renewing itself every month with an increasingly filled catalog.

The platform has subtitled and dubbed options, but the content requires a subscription. In other words, you have to pay a monthly fee which can vary from 18.90 depending on the plan you choose. Click here to learn more about values.

Applications to Watch Doramas Online: Kocowa

An excellent option, since the platform exclusively has a range of Korean content. However, make no mistake, you can watch more than dramas online here, you still have access to novels, series, movies and much more.

Most of Kocowa's content is free, however, in some cases a subscription is required.

A perfect app for anyone who wants to watch dramas online, it will guarantee you access in the palm of your hand wherever and whenever you want.

In this way, you will be able to have access to diverse Asian contents and most of them with dubbing in Portuguese available for you to have even more fun. In this sense, it is important that you pay attention, because although many things are completely free in this application. That is, some contents can only be accessed by subscribers paying monthly fees.

Apps to Watch Doramas Online: Drama Flix

Full of Asian content for you to have unlimited fun! The application is completely free and has a high resolution image and sound quality. In addition, most online dramas have subtitles in Portuguese.

See More Places to Watch Your Dramas Online

See here a list of other apps for you to watch doramas!

  • Halo! Movies and series
  • crunshyroll
  • Max Series
  • line tv
  • Drama Fansubs
  • App Dorama
  • HBO Max

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