Online TV applications: your complete guide

By: Olivia Cristina

Find the best online TV apps and turn your cell phone into a TV.

Amidst the vastness of options, choosing between online TV applications can be a complex task. Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide that not only highlights the best streaming apps to transform your cell phone into a true entertainment center, but also guides you on how to install, configure and take advantage of the exclusive features offered. If free live TV on your smartphone sounds like an ideal plan or if you want to know which apps are worth subscribing to, stay with us on this technological dive into the digital era of entertainment!

What are the best apps for watching TV online on your cell phone?

The best free live TV apps are, with a range of channels and on-demand content similar to Netflix and Prime Video, and Globoplay, from TV Globo, which offers free access to its broadcast content and extra content for subscription, including international programs. Bandplay broadcasts live, free content from Grupo Bandeirantes, with TV, radio and a selection of films and documentaries. SBT Vídeos provides free access to SBT's live programming, on-demand content and a wide selection focusing on children's content. YouTube features a wide range of free live TV channels, and Facebook includes live streams and highlights from a variety of broadcast and subscription TV shows.

Among paid streaming applications, those that are worth subscribing to are those that offer a wide range of exclusive and diverse content, such as Globoplay itself for fans of national and international productions, and Sky+ that allows cable TV enthusiasts to watch to channels such as HBO, Telecine, ESPN and Cartoon Network on your cell phone.

Regarding streaming quality and content offering, it is important to note that the best streaming apps provide a high-quality viewing experience, depending on the user's internet connection. Additionally, each app has its own range of content, from TV shows, series, movies to children's and sports content. Therefore, selecting the best app will depend on the user's individual preferences and the availability of the desired channels or programs.

For more information about the nature of these streaming services and how they work, you can visit the Canaltech.

How to install and configure TV apps on your cell phone or smart TV?

To enjoy online TV applications on your cell phone or smart TV, the first step is to download them. You can find open channel apps and TV apps for smart TVs in official app stores, such as Google Play Store.

Once you choose the application you want, tap “Install” and wait for it to automatically download and install. After installation, open the app and complete the initial setup, which usually involves creating an account or logging in. If necessary, adjust your streaming preferences depending on the quality of your internet connection.

To quickly set up online TV applications, follow simple tips:

  1. Stable Internet Connection: Make sure you're connected to a fast Wi-Fi network to avoid interruptions and buffering.

  2. System and App Updates: Keep the operating system and application updated to ensure better compatibility and security.

  3. Account Access: If necessary, register with the application to be able to access all the resources offered.

  4. Compatibility Check: Before downloading TV apps for your smart TV, check if the app is compatible with your television model.

With these tips, you'll be ready to enjoy the wide range of content available, from live programming to on-demand series and films.

In short, watching TV online on your cell phone is practical and affordable. Next, browse the app ecosystem and choose the ones that best suit your entertainment preferences.

On which devices can I watch TV through apps?

Online TV apps support a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. Furthermore, most of these applications are also compatible with smart TVs and streaming devices such as Chromecast.

Let's consider which apps stand out in terms of flexibility and practicality:

  • Compatibility with Android and iOS: Most streaming services, such as Netflix, has apps readily available for both Android users and those using iOS devices. You can download these apps directly from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

  • Support for Smart TVs and Streaming Devices: For those who want a more immersive experience on a big screen, many apps are compatible with smart TVs from different brands. Furthermore, devices like Chromecast allow you to mirror content from your smartphone or tablet directly to the TV, making it easier to access your favorite program or that series that everyone is talking about.

With the advancement of transmission technologies, it is important to note that some newer Android smartphones come equipped with Digital TV (DTV). This allows users to watch live TV programming directly through the system's native app, without the need for an additional download.

Platforms like offer a free alternative with varied channels and on-demand content. In the Brazilian context, Globoplay appears as an interesting option for accessing national and international content.

Bandplay and SBT Vídeos are examples of open channel apps that provide live broadcasts and on-demand content for free, with the possibility of expanding the catalog via subscription.

For diverse and live content, YouTube features a wide range of TV channels. Facebook, for its part, focuses on live broadcasts and real-time sports content.

For cable TV aficionados who want to take the experience anywhere, Sky+ is an option that delivers famous channels directly to your smartphone.

With the range of options available and the ease of watching TV series and shows on your smartphone or smart TV, TV apps have established themselves as a convenient way of consuming media, adapting to users' rhythm of life and offering accessible entertainment Anytime and anywhere.

What are the exclusive features of streaming TV apps?

Streaming TV applications offer a series of features that differentiate them and enrich the user experience. One of these features is program recording options, allowing users to watch their favorite programs at any time. This feature is ideal for those who have inflexible schedules or who want to save content to review later.

Furthermore, parental control is a feature that has become essential in many streaming applications. With this tool, parents can manage the content accessible to their children, ensuring that they are only exposed to programs appropriate for their age group. Interface customization also allows users to adjust the application environment according to their personal preferences, making navigation more intuitive and enjoyable.

Exploring deeper into YouTube, for example, we noticed that it has a wide range of live TV channels for free, including real-time broadcasts from popular networks. YouTube is also a platform that offers parental control settings, allowing users to configure content accessible to minors.

These exclusive features not only provide convenience and control, but also emphasize the flexibility and power of customization that streaming TV applications offer to the public, differentiating themselves in an increasingly competitive market full of options.

How to deal with regional content restrictions on online TV apps?

Understanding the geographic restrictions imposed by online TV apps is the first step to accessing a wider range of content. Many applications have policies and licensing that limit the availability of their programming to certain regions.

To watch international content, you need to consider methods that allow you to get around these barriers. A popular option is to use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), which mask your IP location to make it appear as if you are accessing it from another region.

Remember that each app has its own rules and when using a VPN you should be aware of the app's Terms of Service, as in some cases it may violate these terms.

In addition to VPN, there are services like smart DNS proxy that offer a similar solution, but it is important to mention that the effectiveness may vary depending on the specific application and desired content.

Another method involves using specific apps that do not impose such severe geographic restrictions and are designed to offer international content, such as, which offers a variety of channels and on-demand content without requiring registration.

For those interested in TV apps with international content, it is encouraging to know that there are options and methods for accessing pay TV in apps despite geographic restrictions. These strategies increase the entertainment and cultural possibilities available through access to content from different parts of the world directly on your mobile device.

In this article, we explore everything from the best free and paid apps for watching TV online on your cell phone to how to install and configure them on different devices. What's more, we cover the unique features these apps can offer, such as program recording and parental controls, and discuss strategies for bypassing regional content restrictions. Streaming technology has evolved rapidly, providing not only a wide variety of accessible content but also an increasingly personalized user experience. By taking advantage of these technological resources, you can enrich your leisure time and always be up to date with your entertainment preferences.


Common questions:

What are the best free apps to watch live TV on your cell phone?
The best free apps are, which offers a variety of channels and on-demand content, and Globoplay, which provides access to TV Globo broadcast content, as well as extra subscription content. Other options include Bandplay, which broadcasts content from Grupo Bandeirantes, and SBT Vídeos, with live programming from SBT and a focus on children's content. YouTube and Facebook also feature free live streams.

How to install and configure TV apps on your cell phone or smart TV?
To install online TV applications, search for the desired app in official stores, tap “Install” and wait for the automatic installation. Then open the app to complete the setup, creating an account or logging in if necessary. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, keep your system and app updated, and, if applicable, adjust your streaming preferences depending on the quality of your internet connection.

On which devices can I watch TV through apps?
You can watch TV through apps on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, smart TVs and streaming devices like Chromecast. Some Android smartphones have Digital TV (DTV), allowing you to watch live programming without additional downloads. Apps like, Globoplay, Bandplay, SBT Vídeos and Sky+ are options for different preferences and content.

What exclusive features can streaming TV apps offer?
Streaming TV applications can offer features such as recording programs to watch later, parental controls to manage content accessible by children, and interface customization. Examples of platforms with these features include YouTube, which offers a diverse range of live TV channels and parental control settings.

How can I access regionally restricted content on online TV apps?
To access regionally restricted content, you can use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), which change the IP location, or smart DNS proxy services. However, it is important to be aware of and respect the applications' Terms of Service. Some apps, like, offer a variety of channels and international on-demand content without severe geographic restrictions.

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