Discover How to Watch BBB Online for Free

Discover How to Watch BBB Online for Free

By: Olivia Cristina


With the beginning of the BBB, who is not curious to follow the most talked about house in Brazil? On second thought, I brought you a way to watch the BBB online for free! That's right, you can watch the most famous reality show on the small screen for free! In that sense, come with us!

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The BBB or Big Brother Brasil is one of the most famous reality shows on the small screen with more than 20 years of exposure and is a reality show where participants participate in a game 24 hours a day in search of the prize of 1.5 million reais. The dynamic involves:

  • An angel: who has the power to immunize someone or become immunized;
  • Vote of the house that elects the one that received the most votes for the wall;
  • A leader: who has the power to nominate 1 people to the wall (where one or two participants are eliminated).

There have been some new additions to this dynamic over the years, such as contributor testing, phones, glass houses, and more!

In this sense, the game involves the weekly elimination of 1 or 2 participants until there are only 3 participants left in the house, who will compete for first, second and third place prizes.

BBB participants

If you want to watch the BBB online, know that the new modality involves half of the famous participants (called Cabanas) and the other half of anonymous participants (called Popcorns), who are chosen by Boninho, who is the head and commander of the program. Boninho. It's 2023 and the BBB starts with 4 popcorn participants in a glass house, 2 of them chosen by the public to enter the most talked about house in Brazil. There is a dispute between Paula, Manor, Gabriel and Giovanna, players competing for the millionaire prize.

How to Watch BBB Online Without Paying Anything

Watch BBB online, the channel with the most selection is pay-per-view, but the platform is paid and can have a very high value during showtime (current price at 24.90 reais per subscription). In this sense, with the aim of helping you watch without spending money, we brought you the news that you can watch without paying anything on Globoplay or TV Globo.

However, although Globo Play is paid, it offers many benefits to subscribers. Non-subscribers have the option of watching TV Globo Ao Vivo and some of its live programs for free, as was the case with Big Brother Brasil.

First, you need to create a free account that will allow you to watch BBB online for free. It is worth remembering that they have an app for Android and iOS.

In that regard Click here to access.

After all, did you like to know more about the possibility of watching BBB completely free of charge? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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