Learn how easy it is to download the Bible on your mobile

Acércate a Dios y su palabra having the Bible with you at all times..

With the digital book, a new era opens. We discovered that reading can be practiced in a different way than with a paper book, through a simple biblical application.

Check now how to download it

In these days, thanks to the advent of technology, there are several applications of the Holy Bible to download. No matter the model of your cell phone, whether Android, IOS, Iphone, Samsung or any other brand, you can download the Word of God on your cell phone and always take it with you.

In addition, today it is also possible to watch videos, listen to audios about the Evangelio and Prayers, whether for health, family or economic afflictions.

Main advantages of having the Bible app on your Móvil

✅Ten la Santa Biblia always with you
✅Leer con la palabra de Dios aun sin internet
✅Read the gospel when you want
✅Share the word of the lord with your friends
✅ Nice messages
✅Access to any book of the Bible quickly and easily

The practicality of having the word of God in the hand is fantastic. You can carry out your studies in any place and be closer to God in every moment of your life.


Acércate a Dios

Carrying the Bible with you at all times.


Study the Bible regularly and you will find that God is with us at all times.


In the moments of "fighting for the outside and trembling inside", elevate your soul to the Lord and he will listen to you.


Feel the love of God through its biblical texts, you will feel loved and welcomed in the arms of the Lord.


El Amor de Jesus is with us. The hand of God guides and protects us. God protect my family amen.