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Everything You Need to Know About CNH on Mobile

By: Olivia Cristina

See how easy it is to download the CNH on your cell phone

Are you one of those people who always forgets to carry their documents and hands and ends up having trouble during a blitz? In this sense, we brought you a super novelty that aims to make your life easier: the CNH on your cell phone!

That is, now you can have your CNH in the palm of your hand whenever you have your cell phone and the best thing is, it is valid throughout the country and is approved by the federal government. That is, it is valid for presentations to the police and elsewhere as an official document. In that sense, don't waste any more time and come learn with us how you can have your CNH on your cell phone even today in a super easy and practical way.

What is the Purpose of CNH on Mobile

The intention of having CHN on your cell phone is to bring convenience when it comes to documentation. In addition, it aims to make life easier for Brazilians by bringing more practical security when you carry your document.

Likewise, this reduces the chances of losing your original document and makes it easier to always have it with you in just a few clicks. The intention is also to always keep the driver with his document, reducing the fines and leaving behind the phrase “I forgot my wallet”.


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How it works?

CNH no Celular, or in the same way known as digital CNH is valid in all Brazilian states (according to the federal government itself) and can be requested over the internet in a super easy and fast way. However, it is important for you to know that this novelty aims to put an end to the physical version of the CNH over time.

With the implementation of this new technology, the federal government wants to help Brazilians unify their personal documents and make it difficult for people to forge and lose physical documents throughout the national territory. In addition, it aims to facilitate the monitoring of drivers on Brazilian roads.

Despite being “identical” to the physical document, the CNH on the cell phone basically works digitally and has a unique registration authentication number. In addition, it has a validation QR Code, which aims to facilitate offline verification. That is, it is not necessary to be connected to the internet to use your digital RG.

Does CNH By Cell Phone Replace Physics?

Unfortunately not yet. Despite being a federal government plan, it is still necessary for Brazilians to have a physical CNH for some purely bureaucratic issues. Therefore, if your CNH has expired, you must go to the place in your state and city responsible for issuing it and take your CPF and RG, birth or marriage certificate and/or your old driver's license and proof of residence to normalize your situation .

However, even if you don't replace it, you can have access to both documents, the virtual one and the physical one.

In addition, for issues related to blitz, for example, the Virtual CNH is sufficient.

Learn to Download the Digital CNH

CNH by cell phone is available for Android and iOs and can be downloaded completely free of charge.

After you download the app, just click on “Add CNH” and scan the QR Code of your physical document. Next, you need to do the facial knowledge and create a password. Now just use it!

It is important that you know that the process can change from state to state and unfortunately, for some people the process can be a little different.

After all, did you like to know more about? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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