Gifts of the Holy Spirit

By: Olivia Cristina

What is Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is a mystery. Although few know how to explain it, it is seen as a creative force that works in all of our lives. It influences our behavior and makes us think of new ideas. That's why many religious and spiritualists believe in him as one of the main sources of inspiration and guide for life.

What Are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

The gifts of the Holy Ghost are the abilities the Lord has given us to help you live a fulfilling life.

How the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Bring Us Closer to God

The gifts of the Holy Spirit bring us closer to God and enable us to live a life dedicated to Him. These attributes are fundamental for us, as they collaborate to make us stronger and more fruitful in the search for happiness and salvation. Here are some examples of how the gifts of the Holy Ghost can influence your life:

– We can be more generous, appreciating the good feelings and sharing what we have. It makes us feel better about ourselves and favors helping others.

– We can be more patient, always waiting for what internship wants. Thus, we will have greater control over adverse circumstances and conquer what we want in our life.

– We can be more attentive to the needs of others, always seeking their happiness. It gives us a sense of triumph and helps us to see things in a positive light.

– We can have more emotional firmness, knowing how to deal with the provocations of the outside world. This strong union with God keeps us happy and helps us to know how to be firm in the decisions we make.

Wisdom, Understanding and Science

Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge are the main characteristics that distinguish the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These three domains have been associated with a personality or group of people who have superior knowledge compared to those who do not have this type of gifts. It's common for people to talk about these gifts while studying the Bible, as it is full of teachings about wisdom, understanding and science. Therefore, let's examine some biblical passages that reveal the importance of these three domains in men's lives.

Wisdom is presented in the Old Testament as an essential quality for human beings. God sent Moses to Sinai to receive the law of the Ten Commandments, and right in the first of them it was said: “Do not be like other men, who seek wisdom in all things and cannot know what God wants”. Wisdom is also described as an essential quality for angels. Therefore, God wants men to be able to understand His words and obey the laws He has established.

Understanding is another essential quality for human beings. Jesus Christ said: “If you want to understand the Kingdom of God, start by understanding the Kingdom of Men”. The root of the word “understanding” means “to understand”. The purpose of life is always to find a way to understand things in the outer universe and the inner universe.

Fear of God, Piety, Fortitude and Counsel

The fear of God, godliness, fortitude and counsel are the gifts of the Holy Spirit. His virtues shook bad habits and led the faithful to true happiness.

Instead of running away from reality and seeking security in their own efforts, believers need to recognize the strength and power of the gifts given by the Lord. As you accept these qualities, you will be strengthened to face life's challenges.

Here are some examples of how the gifts of the Holy Ghost can help you:

1- The fear of God shakes bad habits and leads to morality.

2- Pity leads us to compassion and generosity.

3-Fortress makes us resist evil and stand firm in the gospel.

4- The advice guides us in the choices that we give greater importance to life.

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