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Human Values and Principles

By: Olivia Cristina


Human principles are values that permeate the behavior of all human beings, regardless of the context in which they find themselves. These are principles that guide individual and social decisions, constituting the basis of ethics and morals. These principles have been discussed by many people over the years, each offering their own views on the subject. In this article, we will approach the main theories about human principles, as well as outline a horizon for their discussion in contemporary society.

Do You Know How to Value Another Human Being?

It is important that you are always aware of human values, as this can set a great example for others. If you follow these principles, others will follow you too.

What is the Price of Humanity?

Human values and principles constitute the basis of society, the foundation for any type of coexistence. The importance of values is highlighted by the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, who states that no society is possible without them. Human principles are fundamental moral values such as ethics, justice, love, compassion and patriotism. They are the pillars on which social relations are built.

Values are ideals that can be reflected in social reality through customs, doic, philosophical, religious, political). Human principles, in turn, refer to norms and values that guide human behavior in accordance with ethical ideals.

The main values for which people stand are justice, freedom, love, ethics, solidarity and patriotism. Such values are fundamental for democratic societies and are part of the constitutional principles in force in most countries. The relationships between these values are always intertwined and change significantly with themselves over time.

These values permeate all spheres of social life, manifesting themselves in different areas of knowledge (scientific, philosophical, religious), shaping a particular vision of the world that is transmitted from generation to generation. Values also influence individual behavior, being responsible for the constitution of characteristics common to all human beings.

Values and Principles

Human values and principles are related to beliefs, convictions and ideas that guide the attitude and behavior of individuals and groups. These principles can be divided into two groups: moral values that refer to good behavior; and ethical principles, which refer to the ethics of attitude. Moral values are fundamental for social and individual well-being, while ethical principles refer to legitimate, fair and transparent conduct.

The Value of a Feeling

Feeling is a fundamental value in the human world. He is present in all the stories, each one painting his image according to his values and principles. Feelings such as joy, sadness, pride, love, among others, are present in relationships between human beings. At the same time, they can also lead to violence, division and exclusion. Therefore, essentially feeling is a tool to promote the well-being of all human beings.

What is Human Values

Human values are essential principles of a civilized society. These are the principles that guide the actions of individuals and institutions in collective interests. They are the north on which peaceful coexistence among people is built. Supremely important in daily life and interpersonal relationships, they are fundamental to the general well-being of humanity.

Friendship, Love and Respect

Friendship is the relationship of affection that unites two people. It is a strong feeling, which unites human beings and makes us stronger. Love is the passion that moves us and takes us to professional and family heights. Respect is the feeling of admiration, respect and appreciation for others. The three human principles are essential for a happy life.

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