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Mary, the Mother of Jesus

By: Olivia Cristina


Do you want to know more about the Virgin Mary, her teachings and her importance for the lives of Christians? So come with us and we’ll tell you here on the blog everything you need to know about the mother of Jesus.

The Mother of Jesus

Jesus' mother is known for being an extremely powerful and hard-working woman. She was able to transform man's heart into a lake of fresh water, and even so, the Pharisees did not believe her. Jesus' mother is also known for teaching Jesus' followers to share their wealth with those in need.

On the other hand, Jesus' mother also received a lot of criticism. One of the reasons is that she used to intervene in the path of the prophets and take away their prayers.

Mary was a simple woman who always believed that God was the creator and responsible for all the good things on earth. When God sent her the sign that she would be the mother who would bring her son into the world, Maria accepted and without thinking about the entire process, she performed the role with mastery.

Who Was Mary of Nazareth

Mary of Nazareth was a woman of great importance for Christianity. Wife of Joseph, one of Jesus' disciples, she was loved and venerated by Christians after being commissioned by God to bear his son, the Lord Jesus.

Mary was a pure woman and devoted to all the teachings of God the Almighty Father.

The Virgin Mary and her Christian Teachings

The story of the Virgin Mary is one of the most read themes in the world and she continues to be an inspiration to thousands of people. Mother of Jesus, she is known for her unconditional love for all of us and for her teachings on how to live well. See some of these opportunities in the following article.

The Virgin Mary had the greatest responsibility to defend animals, as that was what awaited her when she arrived in this world. She always said that animals are equal to us in dignity, so we must respect and protect the same things we defend in humans: freedom, autonomy, nature. 

Mary's Relationship with the Children of God

Maria is a mother who worries about all her children. She has affection and love for her children, even when they ignore her. Maria doesn't know how to explain each of the feelings she feels for her children, but she is always willing to help them.

Mary is a mother who carries within her the love and respect of God's children. She is always willing to help them, even when they ignore her. Maria knows her children's needs, even when they don't recognize it. She is generous and welcoming, always willing to hug them in a meaningful way.

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