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The Importance of Religion

By: Olivia Cristina


Religion has been very important since the beginning of time on earth. Through it, it is possible to shape a society and seek a more peaceful, happy and faithful world to the kingdom of God the Father. Through religion it is possible to get closer and closer to God and thus become a community that follows the commandments of the Lord in search of a Christian society and free from sin.

What is Religion?

Religion is belief or faith in God, or in something that people believe is an answer to their spiritual demands. Religion can be of any nature, but it usually involves a set of religious practices and moral values that people follow.

Through religion, people can worship and make prayers and prayers seeking to have contact with God in their hearts.

Religion in People's Lives

Religion is one of the main sources of inspiration for people today. It assists in understanding life, in the pursuit of good and in supporting others. The importance of religion in people's lives is a topic that is occupying more and more space in social and contemporary debates, especially in matters involving science and politics.

Within a religion it is possible for you to find yourself as a person and better understand God's love for us. In addition, you can have contact with people who believe in the same principles as you and thus seek more harmonious intimidation and feel complete in society.

What is the Importance of Religion?

Religion is one of the pillars that sustain humanity. She is responsible for keeping individuals together and helps us to see the world in a more positive and peaceful way. It is also an important factor in promoting peace and social agreement as a whole.

What Do People Look For in Religion?

Religion is one of the oldest forms of human communication. It acts in the formation of individuals, providing them with a philosophy and a belief that will help them to deal with the issues of life. Religion can be divided into two groups: the traditional ones, which are based on church dogmas, and the secondary traditional ones, which emerged in the 18th century to deal with social problems. In Brazil, religions play a big role in society. According to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), in 2015, 53% of the Brazilian population declared having some religion.

Faith and Religion

Religion is just one of the aspects of a person that is part of social life. It's a system that helps us understand other people's desires, choices, and motivations. It also helps us deal with problems, sometimes even comforting us.

In a religion, it is possible to boost your faith and devotion in the Lord God more and more with society.

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