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The Importance of Worship and Devotion

By: Olivia Cristina


Devotion is the love of God on all the most intimate levels imaginable. It involves attitudes of love and respect, faith and hope, towards God and towards others around you. Worship is a concrete fact that demonstrates this devotion to the Creator Father.

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What is Worship of God?

Adoration is the attitude of apprehending ourselves to God, looking at ourselves with respect and love. It is a feeling of gratitude that makes us better and happier, because we know that we are in constant contact with the Lord. It is fundamental to our spiritual life and to our salvation.

Worship puts us where we belong and elevates God to his place as a Father, who takes care of, protects and waters your life with lots of love and blessings. In worship it is possible to find yourself intimately with God and reveal everything that is well hidden in your heart without fear of trials and tribulations.

What is Devotion to God?

Devotion is the voluntary and spontaneous union of a human being with God, with the purpose of loving and serving Him. It is essential to the well-being of human beings, as it unites us with Him in charitable and compassionate ways. By loving God, we are reaching the depths of our human nature and being part of a great family of people who love God.

Being devoted to God goes far beyond believing in his existence. Being devoted to God means understanding his teachings, respecting his will and understanding that we are sinners who live in search of remission and the kingdom of heaven in eternity.

What is the difference between Worship and Devotion?

Worship is the devoted and meaningful attention a person gives to God, while devotion is the feeling of total and absolute surrender to God. The two types of attention can be divided into two categories: devotional and beneficent. The devotional ones are those that led us to God to be together with Him, and the beneficent ones are those that led us to do something to improve the world.

Therefore, it is possible to be devout and adoring God, but if you are not, don't worry. God knows we are not perfect, but he gives us ways to find the right path, like the bible for example.

What God Says About Worship and Devotion

The importance of worship and devotion is indisputable. By dedicating ourselves to God, we seek perfect love, which will make us live in peace and happiness.

Biblical texts say that it is good to worship and devote oneself to God. The Word of God teaches us that it is necessary to love Him with all our being, so that He can help us on the path of life.

It is important to know that worship and devotion to God will be part of our perfect love for Him. God wants us to dedicate ourselves totally to Him, without forgetting any of His obligations.

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