Everything You Need to Know About Miracles

By: Sophia Alves

The term miracle derives from the Greek mílax, which means “an extraordinary event”. Miracles were explored by philosophers and theologians in antiquity, when they sought explanations for supernatural events. Today, they are seen as evidence of God in our world. Here are some of the main miracles!

What is a Miracle?

Miracles are events that happen to bring peace, benefits to people and God. Miracles can take many forms, both physical and spiritual.

Faith to Achieve a Miracle

Faith is the power of a person to work a miracle. She needs to be willing to Love, Trust and Pray. Through faith in God you can get in touch with a miracle and establish a strong connection.

Check out the following tips to achieve a miracle:

1- Trust in God: Only he can grant the miracles you have dreamed of. Remember to ask a lot and believe in His ability to work a miracle.

2- Pray: Pray prayers to receive help from God. He wants you to succeed in your miracle.

3- Love and trust in God: It is necessary to have love and trust in the Forces of the Divine to achieve a miracle. Be positive and try to believe that He is behind it all.

4- Be persistent: Never give up! A miracle may take a while, but it is necessary to keep going until it happens.

5- Take your chance: If you are willing to do a miracle, God will be ready to welcome you. Accept His strengths and trust in your power.

A Miracle Can Change Your Life

A miracle can change your life! You can't even imagine how beneficial it can be. If you are in need of a boost to start a new stage in your life, a miracle is the best way to start.

Never Lose Hope in Your Miracle

Hope is the key to your Miracles. If you are willing to keep waiting, God is ready to hear your prayer.

God is Miraculous

God is miraculous, that's what you should believe! Miracles happen every day and can be seen in a wide variety of situations. Miracles can be interpreted differently by each person, but for those who seek true happiness, God is always present! Here are some of the most famous and remarkable miracles recorded in history:

1. The miracle of the little Jewish apostle Luke: In Luke 20:37-42, one of the most famous miracles of the gospel is reported. Luke records the story of a Jewish apostle, who fights for the kingdom of God even as a small man. On the day Jesus is resurrected, the Jewish apostle Luke witnesses the resurrection and is stunned by the vision. He then tells his companions about the transformation that Jesus brought about in the world.

2. The miracle of the mother of Lazarus: In the Bible, in the story of Lazarus, the mother of Lazarus believes in the miracle of Jesus' resurrection and asks that she be buried with her son. After being buried, Lazarus appears around the third day and tells his mother about his journey to Jerusalem, where he saw the risen Jesus.

3. The miracle of Mary's virginity: In the Gospel of John, Mary is described as a virgin woman who was chosen to be the mother of Jesus.

4. The miracle of the angel Gabriel: The miracle of the angel Gabriel is one of the most remarkable recorded in the Bible. In Genesis 18:1-22, we tell the story of Gabriel, an angel who appeared to Moses and told him about the existence of God. Gabriel leads the Israelites on a journey to Sinai, where they will be commanded by the Law of God. At the end of the story, Gabriel reveals to Moses the miracle of God's only begotten with Israel.

5. The miracle of Jesus' birth: The birth of Jesus is one of the most famous miracles recorded in the Bible. In Luke 1:35-38, the moment when Mary conceived Jesus is reported. The next day, she appears dressed in white like an angel and records God's presence at her birth.

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