Apps to Watch Novelas

Apps to Watch Novelas

By: Olivia Cristina

With these applications you can follow your favorite soap operas on your cell phone!


Are you a novelist in love with telenovelas and don't want to lose anyone? In this sense, we have given you incredible application tips to watch soap operas on your cell phone whenever and wherever you want. Besides, can you marathon all the soap operas you want and find them all in one place? It looks perfect, doesn't it? Trust me, it's super easy!

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Apps to Watch Novelas: Globo Play

Here you will find all those telenovelas that you have seen all your life with the best quality of image and sound. In addition, the platform has much more, such as films, series and documents. However, despite having a huge collection of Brazilian, Mexican, American and Japanese soap operas, the platform works monthly and its value can change according to the mode chosen at the time of subscription. Click here to see how to subscribe.

Free online novels

This app is completely free and contains telenovelas from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Venezuela. Through this application you can watch any television channel online through your cell phone. However, it is not possible to watch telenovelas outside of their programming schedule or the old ones.

Apps to Watch Soap Operas: Pluto Tv

Basically it's a cable television that allows you to watch the soap operas that are being broadcast. In this way, you can only follow the soap operas that are on the programming of the channels and you cannot choose to watch them at the time and day you want.


Another application to watch telenovelas is Vix, which is free and easy to use! It has more than a thousand old national and international soap operas that can be seen from where and when you want on your cell phone. However, despite being free, the application has ads that can annoy the viewer.

Other application options to watch telenovelas

  • Free

Novelas Play, Novelas Flix

  • Paid

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discovery, HBO Max

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