Everything You Need to Know About Our Lady of Mount Carmel

By: Olivia Cristina

Nossa Senhora do Carmo is one of the most popular and revered saints of all time in the Roman Catholic Church. Your devotion and prayers have helped thousands of people to follow the path of love and life in Jesus Christ our Lord. In this article, you will learn about the origins of the Saint, as she is popularly known, her advocated miracles, her spiritual properties, in addition to the luminous signs that call the attention of Christian faithful.

Who Was Our Lady of Mount Carmel?

Senhora do Carmo is one of the greatest and best known saints of all time. She was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1881 and is considered the patroness of mercy by Christians. Many faithful demonstrate devotion and report miracles around their mercy to their father.

Our goal here is to show you all the information about it, from its history to its symbols. Follow!

What is the Importance of Nossa Senhora do Carmo for the Catholic Church?

Senhora do Carmo is considered the patroness of the Catholic Church. She is venerated by the faithful as a saint and used to ask God our lord for protection from difficulties.

Like all the other saints of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel has a great power of intercession with God for all our prayers.

Holy Scapular

Senhora do Carmo is known as the patroness of caring for children. His devotion and affection for them is legendary. It is very common to find Our Lady of Carmo in scapulars, as she gives us protection and prays for our mercy with Almighty God.

Teachings of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Nossa Senhora do Carmo is the best known representative of the Virgin Mary, devoted to the service of others. Her story began in 1212, when she was found asleep on a rural path. It was then that his father decided to take him home. Despite being a young child, Nossa Senhora do Carmo immediately assumed the responsibility of keeping the keys to the house and taking care of the animals. His virtues were quickly recognized by the locals, who soon began to beg him for favors. Despite continuing to welcome visitors to the house where she lived with her father, Nossa Senhora do Carmo gradually began to come to people in search of help. During the 13th century, she saved many lives by intervening in times of crisis.

The main attitude we can take in relation to Nossa Senhora do Carmo is to have humility and confidence in her power. She advises us to seek God for all our problems, for He is always ready to help us. The Virgin Mary also asks us to love each other deeply, to be generous and compassionate, and to never stop asking forgiveness for ourselves.

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