Everything You Need to Know About the Temple of God

By: Olivia Cristina

Religion is present in all aspects of people's lives and in this sense, having a place to express your prayers and thanks together with people who believe and have the same faith is essential to be happy with God in community.

What is a Temple of God?

The Temple of God is a religious construction that is spread all over the world, being often associated with cults and masses. It is a place where meditation, prayer and affiliation with religion and a community with a common belief are carried out.

Many believe it originates in Ancient Egypt, but the first temples were built in Israel. At the time of the Reformation, the Temple of God was banned by the Catholic Church.

Currently, temples of God are often used for religious purposes, but they can also be used for cultural and social gatherings such as churches and assemblies.

A temple or church are places where you are always welcome as long as you respect the opinions and rules of the place. You can go to visit, know, adore, pray and worship whenever you want and feel like it. In addition, they are places that keep a good energy of devotion and love.

What Does Church Mean?

The Temple of God is the religion that preaches the existence of a supreme God, possessed of eternal purposes, who manifests himself through men. Although the term “church” is misused to describe other religious institutions, in the case of the Temple of God it is specific. The Church is a common association that comes together to pray and celebrate the Lord God so that man unites with God in one flesh.

What is the Importance of Going to Church?

The Church is the organization above the Temple of God. It is managed by God himself, and aims to serve Him and all His children. The Church maintains a series of moral, religious and strictly spiritual norms that unify it and allow it to operate within the limits established by Christianity.

It is where God is present and where we can find the strength to face the problems of the world. In addition, churches offer many opportunities to serve others.

Teachings of Jesus About the Church

Jesus taught that the Church is the Temple of God. He said: “I am the faithful one, and the Son of the living God. Whoever enters my place besides me will be saved” (Matthew 16:18). This means that the Church is the house where God is present. It is a place where you can find the Strength and Life to carry on. Jesus said: “My love is greater than all things; anything you ask for, I give it to you” (John 15:13). The Church is important because it gives us opportunities to continue to grow under the influence of God's Grace.

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