Love Yourself To Love God

By: Sophia Alves

Self-love is the essence of love for God. To achieve it, you need to recognize yourself and value what God has already achieved in you and the power he has over your life. Put everything God has done in your place, in your thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Then you will begin to see the facts of life in a new light and it will be easier for you to get closer to God and be truly happy.

What is Self Love?

What is self love? The following points are essential to understand the topic:
– Love is a feeling of affection, affection and tenderness that is manifested through positive attitudes and that bring a state of happiness.

– It's a kind of affection accepted by human beings. Self-love is fundamental in building well-being and happiness in general.

– It is a living energy that helps us to face adversity and always be ready to act in God's plans.

– It is fundamental for life and personal development.

Basically self-love is an act of loving yourself completely, understanding your flaws and appreciating your own presence, because within you God lives and deserves to be loved.

God Is Present In Me And I Need To Love Him

Love yourself to love God. He is present at all times and I need him to live in peace. If they loved me as faithfully as God knows me, I knew I would be happy under any circumstances.

If God is present within you and loves you more than anything in this world, you need to love yourself in order to love God as truly as possible.

How to Love Yourself More

You can love yourself and succeed in life.

It is necessary to have a goal and follow the path that it guides us. Whenever obstacles arise, find out what you can do to overcome them.

Learn to deal with difficulties. Whether they are negative (such as frustration) or positive (such as joy).

Don't let others beat you. Set your goals and make a plan of action to achieve them, regardless of who is by your side.

Feel good about yourself. Rest assured that you are capable of accomplishing anything if you are dedicated and determined.

Understand that no one is perfect and that to love God and others, you need to love first.

Also, know that not even Christ pleased everyone, as this is not based on human relationships to love yourself.

Self Love Can Change Your Life

Self love can change your life. If you love yourself, God will love you too. With that, you will begin to perform His eternal works. You will be able to face any situation with courage, be it difficult or impossible.

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