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By: Sophia Alves

Most people believe that men are insensitive to the beliefs of the Catholic world when they are outside the ecclesiastical world. In fact, this is a misguided and disrespectful view of modern men today. According to a recent study, the number of men who are going to church on their own initiative has gone up a lot in recent times and tends to grow more and more through encouraging each other as a community.

What is the Third of Men?

The Rosary of Men is a meeting where diverse men of all ages can unite with Christ and pray for their lives and give thanks for his blessings in their homes, jobs and life as a whole. The third of men is a place of union with other brothers of God with the church. In the environment where these meetings take place, it is possible to feel an energy of peace, love and gratitude from the men of God who are in a blessed place.

What is the Goal of the Third of Men?

The purpose of the men's rosary is to promote a greater male presence in the Roman Catholic Church. The third of men can be the entrance for many men to enter the church and start a Christian life, as many of them do not feel comfortable in normal events. In addition, the function of the rosary is to bring the men of the church closer to God the Father and Holiness, in an environment where they feel happy and willing to deliver their prayers and thanks in the lap of God the Father.

How to Participate in the Men's Rosary?

The first tip is to make sure you want to participate. If you are willing to dedicate time to God, just know the time and place and show up, and you will be well received. No permission or invitation is needed, for God's house is always open to all.

Each diocese has a specific time and day, so it is worth calling the parish center and checking where the third of the men will take place in your region.

No payment or appointment is required. Just go with God in your heart and respect all the brothers who will be in the temple of God.

United Men Seeking God

The Third of Men is an organization that has been operating on Earth for over 20 years. Its mission is to help people connect with God and access the good principles of life. As a focus, the Rosary studies and spreads the Word of God. In addition, it campaigns against crime, promotes cults and welcomes refugees.

Many good things are done by the men of the men's third, such as collecting basic food baskets, donating used clothes to needy people, working together to renovate homes for needy people and many other charitable actions around the world.

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