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What is the Relationship of Candles with Catholics?

By: Olivia Cristina


Today, talking about relationships between Catholics and Velas is something that arouses many curiosities. In fact, the relationship between these two is complex and involves a large amount of history. However, to facilitate your understanding, we will address the main points of the Catholic-candle relationship in the following text.

Belief in Sailing

Catholics believe in the relationship they have with God, being considered a form of prayer. However, there are many questions about candles that have not yet been completely clarified. The first of these is the origin of this belief. Many historians believe that sails began with the Romans, when they used them to seal the shackles of ships during Christmas. Some say that sails were used to indicate where the ship was at sea. Others claim that the candles were the property of the priests and were used to illuminate the temple during religious worship. Catholics have continued to use candles to this day, despite scientific literature contributing to other theories being considered.

Candles in Catholicism

Candles in Catholicism have a specific relationship with Catholics. They are used in the celebration of rituals and in prayers. Candles can also be used by Catholics to follow their religious teachings.

The use of candles in our church

The relationship between candles and Catholics is a topic that divides opinions. Although the Christian liturgy also uses sacred fires, the relationship between candles and Catholics is much more complex. Most Protestants believe that they should not be used in the Church, while Catholics accept them as a part of the liturgy. According to them, the candles are symbolic of the Renaissance, the moment when Christ resurrected to save humanity.

Paschal candle

Candles are an extremely important symbol for Catholics, as they believe in their importance in the conversion process. Furthermore, they have a special relationship with the Pascal Círio, which is celebrated annually. The origin of the Pascal Candle is controversial, but its candles are usually colored red and blue to symbolize the blood and light of the Holy Spirit.

Candle for the Dead

Candles for the dead are as common as Christmas candles. They symbolize the light of the world that sends us to God and encourage the dead to stay alive. It is normal to associate them with the Catholic Church, as it is one of the oldest and purest religions in the world. Catholics usually prepare candles for the dead during annual diocesan festivities, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day or Angel's Day.

Candles for Saints, Angels and Archangels

Candles are an extremely important symbol for Catholics, especially during religious rituals. Therefore, it is natural that they are closely related to the sacraments of Catholicism. Although some experts argue that candles are not necessarily associated with angels and archangels, most believers agree that these seraphim help the spiritual path of Catholics.

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