Objects That Bring Good Energy

By: Sophia Alves

A good environment is one of the strengths for a person to be happier, centered and fulfilled. Care is needed so that the environment inside and outside the house is clean, organized and with pleasant aromas. Objects give a good energy to the environment, making things easier and causing our senses to be attracted to it. Here are some tips to take care of your environment!


Mandala magic has been known to human beings for a long time. To function as a good energy, the straight lines of magic need to be balanced, protecting the points of the pentagram and establishing a sense of harmony. In addition to being beautiful to look at, the mandala can serve as a healing channel, bringing benefits to mental and physical health.

Images of Saints and Angels

The images of Saints and angels bring good energies to your day. They are representations of peace, love, harmony and prosperity. The images can be used to decorate the environment or even to visualize your dreams.


Stones bring good energies to us, they help in the cleaning processes, as we also find ourselves in some amulets.

A good example is the black and yellow stone: the properties of the black stone are the same as other stones, but it is stronger and has a protective power. The stone protects against evil spirits and helps to establish a deep connection with your Creator. The properties of the yellow stone are the same as other stones, but it is used to cure diseases and bring financial prosperity.


The objects that bring good energies are the ones that help us balance our life and have more happiness. These objects have a positive force that helps us to be more positive and to show others that we are okay. One of these objects is the heart which tends to bring much more love, friendship and companionship to the environment.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang energies are complementary, but they also influence our organism. The objects that bring these energies need to be in balance so that our body can benefit.


Pigs are animals that bring good energy to the home. Pigs are creative and fun, and they can even be used to add humor to family life.


Elephants have a very peculiar characteristic: they bring good energies. This is due to their long feathers, which are quite flexible and can extend to around 2.5 meters. These animals also have a great digestive power, which allows them to feed on large amounts of bad energy from the environment.


The pyramids are a building construction symbol dating back to Mesoamerican cultures. Most of the time, they are composed of two or more upper spaces, containing domes and altars. The energy that circulates within these structures is considered one of the main sources of power and known as the "energy of life".


Buddha is known for having good and pure energies, so the objects she brings can help us to have a better life.

Buddha helps us to have inner peace and helps us to have clarity of thought

Zem Garden

Zem gardens are one of the green spaces and their structure made with sponges, stones and wood creates a pleasant atmosphere and protects against evil. The positive energies coming from the gardens permeate the whole house, making it calmer, beneficial to health and fun.

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