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Things That Steal Your Spirit Energy

By: Olivia Cristina


Spiritual energy is something very important for us, as it helps us face problems and deal with the difficulties of the moment. However, some “haters” usually leave us without energy, leaving us tired and unmotivated. Here are some of these things that steal your spiritual energy:

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1. Lies
In addition to making you moody and frustrated, lies waste your energy defending yourself. Therefore, if you want to live a healthy life, avoid telling lies to your friends or family.
2. Prejudice
When we are discriminated against or try to deal with difficult situations, we are always wasting energy. Therefore, avoid making hasty judgments or criticizing other people without listening to what they have to say.
3. Litigation
In addition to engaging in pointless arguments, litigating is also one of the most commonly used methods of stealing energy. You are wasting your time and other people's energy, as well as making yourself uncomfortable.
4. Financial problems
If you are suffering from financial problems, this certainly affects your spiritual energy. After all, you are spending time and resources to solve a problem that can greatly affect your life.
5. Sudden changes
When there is a sudden change in our life, especially in difficult times, spiritual energy is usually quickly dissipated.

What is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual energy is the result of the integration of the human being with the Universe. She is responsible for producing feelings of well-being, happiness and peace. Spiritual energy is present in our everyday life and in our inner life.

The Main Causes of Theft of Spiritual Energy

1. Procrastination: It's a habit that many people have, but it's not good for your spiritual energy. By waiting too long to do things, you end up having a decrease in motivation and concentration. Therefore, it is important that you dedicate yourself to activities that you really enjoy, even if they take a little longer than usual.

2. Lack of self-esteem: If you have a hard time believing in your potential, it will undermine your spiritual energy. Increasing self-confidence is essential to maintain a better quality of life and a more balanced production of spiritual energy. If you feel weak or unsure of yourself, try to reflect on what you do to produce spiritual energy and start making more of an effort to learn new things.

3. Disillusionment: When you have lost something important in your life, it can cause great frustration in your spiritual energy. Think you're running out of spirit energy behind? So, you need to figure out what your goals are and try to achieve them more often. This will bring a sense of satisfaction and is better than giving up hope of ever achieving them.

4. Stress: When you are in a stressful environment, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy posture in producing spiritual energy. Stress impedes blood circulation throughout the body and metabolism, causing a drop in spiritual energy. Therefore, it is essential that you distract yourself and focus only on what is really important to you. If at all possible, try to get rid of stress at least for a couple of hours.

5. Financial Issues: When things start to get tough financially, many individuals start worrying about spending without having thought about the importance of producing spiritual energy. You have to have good control over money and not spend it on things that don't really matter. If you feel discouraged or frustrated due to financial difficulties, try to reflect on what your priority in life is and start working towards it.

How to Protect Spiritual Energy?

Things that steal spiritual energy can be easily avoided by following a few tips. For example, don't let negative thoughts dominate your day-to-day life. Pay attention to the words we use and the way we behave. In addition, it is important to have good relationships with other sentient beings, as this helps to keep the spiritual energy enlightened.

Things that steal spiritual energy can be seen in all parts of the world. This is because they spread and reach all segments of society. The main means of stealing spiritual energy are alcohol, drugs, lack of physical exercise, tension and stress. These problems can lead us to depression, anxiety, irritability, wrong choice of hobbies and even death. Therefore, it is important to try to deal with these factors in order to maintain healthy spiritual energy.

How to Ameliorate the Effects of Spiritual Energy Theft?

The things that steal our spiritual energy can be easily softened with some care. For example, if you are dealing with a problem of depression, try to talk to a professional for specific guidance on how to mitigate the effects of energy theft. Another way to try to protect your energy is to avoid situations where you are exposed to uncomfortable external pressures, such as fights or family tensions.

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