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Tips on how to stay chastity

By: Olivia Cristina

Ever heard of chastity? Want to know how you can live a life of Christian chastity with ease of body and spirit? So come with us and we'll help you with this post.

What is Chastity?

Chastity is a Christian act of keeping pure in heart and soul until holy matrimony blessed by God. However, chastity can go far beyond sex after marriage.

After holy matrimony, it is possible to maintain a chaste marriage where sex can only be to generate new children for the kingdom of God.

In today's world, with so much disregard for virtuousness and chastity, many people believe that chastity is not something that is important to God. However, our body is our dwelling place for God and for that reason, it must be preserved from sinful carnal pleasures.

Even after holy matrimony, it is possible for a couple to remain chaste in search of a union based on love and companionship, where sex is only to procreate new children of God and constitute a beautiful Christian family.

Know Your Limits

When starting a relationship, understand what your limits are as well as your partner's. In addition, after realizing the situations that can lead to a breach of chastity, avoid doing them and so the relationship will follow the norms of the Christian church and the relationship will prosper for a holy and happy marriage.

A good tip is not to be alone with your partner in environments such as the bedroom or car, and always avoid very intimate contacts such as heated kisses and hand-holding in more intimate places.

How to Have a Christian Dating?

1. Remember that you are God in the relationship. So keep your attention focused on your feelings and thoughts so that love grows. Don't forget that you are responsible for the other person's well-being and you shouldn't do anything that could hurt or leave the person in sin.

2. Do not allow premarital sex as it can produce children. A family formed without God's blessings can go through many turmoil and difficulties. However, if that happens, seek the kingdom of God and he will help you through the trials.

3. Don't be too critical of the other, nor too authoritarian. The fact that you want Christian dating doesn't mean that those who don't want it are wrong, it just means that they are in sin (whether consciously or not).

Respect Your Body

Your body is the house of God, for this is not just anyone who can enter and know you in the most intimate way possible.

So always, before starting any relationship, talk about your beliefs and goals to seek a holy relationship. Talk and see what can be done to avoid tense situations that could break chastity.

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