Religious Items to Increase Your Devotion

By: Olivia Cristina

Many people tend to think that religion is something extremely connected to spiritual matters, but in fact it is very connected to traditions and charitable works. Therefore, learning about different religions is an excellent way to increase your devotion and become more aware of your participation in the world and how it can change your life.

Catholicism is one of the oldest religions, and here in Brazil it is the one that brings the most followers to its fold. With that in mind, we have brought some religious articles for you to have at home and increase your devotion to our Lord God the Father.

Crucifix of Jesus Christ

The cross is the most well-known symbol of Christianity. It was used by early Christians as a means of communicating with God. Although it is only a symbol, the cross has enormous power within Christianity. It represents the sufferings of Jesus Christ and helps believers reflect on their lives.

The cross reflects for Christians on their sins and on the death of Jesus for us to save with all his love and mercy.

Chapel of Jesus of the Holy Wounds

The chapel of Jesus das Santas Chagas is a great religious item to have at work, or give as a gift to friends and family. It brings protection and reminds us of our closeness to God the Father.

An image should not be worshipped, it should just look like a photo of a loved one or someone you love very much.

Jesus of the Holy Wounds Water and Salt

Jesus is the most beautiful God. He taught us to love others, and to be kind and compassionate. The Salt of Life is one of its ways to become better spirits and people. Furthermore, he gives us water to drink as a sacrament.

The Salt of Life is one of the most common virtues spoken of by the Lord Jesus. He said, “He who loves me drinks my blood” (John 6:53). This is why the Salt of Life is so important in the Christian life. Although it is called “water”, the Salt of Life has wonderful medicinal properties. It strengthens people, cleanses hearts, and gives strength against disease. The water in the Bible serves as an example to show us how the Salt of Life helps us to be strong and happy.

Holy Family

The holy family of Jesus is a perfect article for families as he is an example on how to follow and stay in religion. Furthermore, the Holy Family infinitely blesses all families.

Our Lady of Aparecida

Our Lady of Aparecida is the patron saint of Brazil and protects every Brazilian wherever he goes. Therefore, having his image is a form of protection and a reminder that we always have someone who watches over us with the Father.

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