Tips to have a Heart Full of Love with Jesus

By: Sophia Alves

Love is the essence of all life. He helps us to face all obstacles, makes us strong and unites us in one body. So when we're in love, we believe the world is a better place. But this feeling is not always shared by others.

How to Have a Pure Heart and Free from Bad Things?

If you want to have a heart full of love, you need to be aware of the bad things we do. Here we list some tips:

– Remember that God is your best friend and don't let your attention stray from your own well-being. Always seek to be present in your life – even when it means sacrificing a few moments of fun.

- Don't live with bad people. They will show you how bad it is to be selfish and superficial. Learn to overcome negative feelings and change bad memories to good ones.

- Don't sacrifice yourself for love. Be honest with yourself and find out what the real motivation is for any decision you make. Never submit to other people's love without first being sure that it is suitable and positive for you.

– Cherish life and every moment we make with it. Never forget that you have the power to turn bad things into good times.

Take Jesus as an Example

Have Jesus as an example of love. The Lord is the greatest love in the world and he taught us to love one another. Read the verses from Chapter 13 of the gospel of Jesus to learn how to love. Note that he had a heart full of mercy and compassion, so you can also learn to be compassionate and generous. Also learn to have affection for small things, for the environment in which you live and for pets.

Jesus said, “Do not fear evil spirits, for they are evil; but fear My Father, which is good” (Matthew 10:19). He teaches us to be concerned only with the well being of others and not allow an evil spirit to unbalance us.

Leave Space in Your Heart Only for Love

Leave room in your heart only for love. This is the most important tip you can get to have a heart full of love. If you're worried about everything you do, you're not putting enough room in your heart for God's love. If you want to have a heart full of love, you need to take time for yourself and immerse yourself in God. Remember: God wants to meet you. You need to open your heart to Him and give yourself completely to Him.

Compare your Heart with that of Jesus

Compare your heart with that of Jesus and you will find that you are wrong on every point. The heart of Jesus is full of love, care and compassion. He never hurt anyone and his intention was to help people. His actions reflect this: he saved many lives, freed slaves, and visited the elderly on their deathbeds. Take this time to compare your heart to his and find out where you need to invest in love, affection and compassion to become a true heart.

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