Facts About Our Lady of Fatima

By: Sophia Alves

Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima is as old as humanity. It was she who protected Saint Augustine, Saint George, Pedro Serra and many other saints of the holy catholic church. It is a devotion that spreads around the world and that has a special meaning for people of all religions (in a symbolic way). Check out some curiosities about devotion to Our Lady of Fatima!

Who is Our Lady of Fatima?

The Lady of Fatima is a saint who is present in Catholic worship. She was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1941. The religion that most celebrates her memory is Catholic. According to legend, she was visited by God on the dawn of her birthday (October 24), asking for help for the poor and encouraging the faithful to persevere in their goals.

Currently, many faithful report miracles and blessings received by the intersections to Our Lady of Fátima.

Importance of Our Lady of Fatima to the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church recognized the importance of Our Lady of Fatima for its progress in time. The lady is a symbol of peace, love and mercy. His interventions favored the conversion of many people and reached the most important religious leaders of the time.

In a world like today, where there is so much violence, crimes, adulteries, lies and carnal sins, Our Lady of Fatima has a lot of power to intersect with the Lord God our Father.

It is important to remember that Our Lady of Fatima is an intercessor for God. Only God has the power to heal, change and bless your life. Therefore, one should not worship or adore Our Lady of Fatima, as she is only an intercessor of God.

Teachings of Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima teaches us the importance of loving and helping others without having malice in our hearts.

One of his teachings is to love one's neighbor voluntarily and without ulterior motives. God is happy when we love each other as brothers and do good deeds for others without wanting anything in return.

Our Lady of Fatima and God

The saint's story seems to be very unusual, and the curiosities that emerged about her continue to intrigue the faithful. Why did she appear to her parents? Why did God call you? What were your teachings? How did she survive that difficult time? And many other questions. The answer to each is a mystery, but decades of research on Our Lady of Fatima show that she is an incredible saint, capable of intervening in the world to promote good.

The only certainty is about the intercessory power of this saint and that she is recognized by the Roman Apostolic Church as a worthy Saint.

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