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Facts about Pope Francis

By: Olivia Cristina

Want to know what happens to Pope Francis, who he is, and his importance in the Catholic Church? He is considered a holy man, but he is also a human person with problems like the rest of us.

Pope Francis: A Biography

Pope Francis is one of the most recent bishops of the Catholic Church, taking office in 2013. At just 57 years old, he is one of the youngest men in the history of the Catholic Church. But why did this Dutchman from Warsaw end up becoming the Pontiff? And what is your mission? Check out the main curiosities about Pope Francis!

Pope Francis in the Catholic Church

During his pontificate years, Pope Francis has been the target of many curiosities.
– The first curiosity is your religious background. Pope Francis was born on January 17, 1935, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the son of journalist and writer Jorge Mario Bergoglio and educator Valeska Gertrud Snchez. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was baptized with the name of John Paul II by Cardinal Albino Luciani, then president of the Argentine Catholic Church. After earning a theological degree at the Catholic University of Brazil, where he stayed for three years, John Paul II entered the Episcopal Career in 1958, following the will of the Holy Father Pius XII. He was elected Bishop of Romeo, Italy, in 1976.

– Pope Francis is known to be a rather austere person. During his pontificate years, he spent most of his free time in the Order of the Franciscans. His monastic life made him familiar with the rules of the Work of Christ. Furthermore, Pope Francis is also very humble and modest. He often says that he has neither knowledge nor authority to criticize other bishops or religious.

The Spiritual Manifestations of Pope Francis

Pope Francis has been one of the most representative religious leaders of our time. His spiritual trajectory is marked by his peculiar spiritual manifestations, which reflect the depth and diversity of his experiences.

– In the 1970s, Francis began having visions of Jesus Christ in the form of a shooting star. The visions continued until 1981, when he received the announcement of his coming to the contemporary world. During this period, Francis often appeared in the form of a shooting star in the places where he met with followers.

– In September 1984, Francis appeared to John Paul II during a papal audience in the Sistine Chapel. On that occasion, he showed her a note written by Jesus Christ that said: "I am the light of the world".

– Francisco has also been blessed by sudden manifestations of spiritual power, which make him transform into a very strong communicative being. In the last decade, for example, he appeared during ceremonies for the canonization of saints in a cathedral in Rome and presented to the faithful a project for the evangelization of Africa.

Pope Francis Today

Today the pope has great influence in the church and within society in general.

Over the years, Pope Francis has shown a great commitment to the laity, defending the right of all citizens to delve into the religious sphere independently.

The pope is also known for his preaching on the importance of solidarity and forgiveness.

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