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Curiosities about Santo Antônio

By: Olivia Cristina


Do you want to know who Saint Anthony was and how important he was in the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church? So come with us and we’ll teach you here in the post.

Who was Saint Anthony?

Saint Anthony is one of the most venerated figures in Brazil, especially in Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. What did he do to become so famous? Saint Anthony was born in 1483, in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. He was the son of a poor family, but he helped the poor with his hospitality and charity. In 1495, Saint Anthony entered the Third Order of Carmel. In 1521, he became the first martyr of the Catholic Church. In 1534, it was named after Santo Antônio de Lisboa. In the last years of his life, he died in Alcácer-Quibir.

Saint Anthony is venerated by his followers for his love for people in need and for his example of faith and charity. The faithful believe that he can intercede for them in the present life and in the future.

There are still beliefs about being a matchmaker saint, who intercedes for people to find happiness in love.

What are the Teachings of Saint Anthony in the Catholic Church

Saint Anthony's teachings in the Catholic Church are quite significant, as he is one of the most venerated priests by Catholics. He is seen as an example of Christian life and faith, so his teachings can be used to help people follow the path of love and mercy. Some of his main teachings for Catholics are related to devotion to God, love for family, respect for the Church's rules and the prevention of sins.

Saint Anthony celebrations

1. The Santo Antônio celebrations are one of the most traditional in Brazil. Despite having devotion to Jesus as its main theme, the festivities also take into account other saints, such as Padre Pio, Saint George and Saint Joachim. Furthermore, there are several cultural events associated with the Saint's day, such as children's songs, folk dances and fireworks.

2. Santo Antônio is known for its driving force and the likes it received across the country. In popular culture he is seen as a kind of protective personality and guide for the people. The main celebrations of Saint Anthony's Day are the family barbecue, cakes and the Saint Anthony party in square dance format.

Curiosities about Santo Antônio

Over the centuries, many stories have circulated about this saint. Some of them are linked to his aura and miraculous powers, while others contain details about his life and death. Some reports say that Saint Anthony was an intelligent and powerful man. He was also very devout, dedicating all his time to God the almighty Father. During his years of life, he preached the union between God and men and the commandments of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church.

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