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Curiosities about the Sacred Heart of Jesus

By: Olivia Cristina


The heart is a symbol of the life, love, and divine purpose of the Christian church. And for other religionists, the heart represents the essence of each one of us as children of God here on earth. Do we know that there are different versions about what happened inside it and why is it an organ that calls everyone's attention so much? What stories circulate that Christ's heart was mutilated in his crucifixion? Check out some of these curiosities in the article below!

Meaning of the Heart of Jesus

The Heart of Jesus is one of the most precious symbols of the Christian religion. In addition to being a center of love and compassion, the Sacred Heart is also the birthplace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, the meaning of the Heart of Jesus is extremely important for Christians.

It symbolizes in the purest possible way the love of Jesus for us. His heart was mutilated as he was crucified to save us from our sins. Furthermore, the sacred heart of jesus serves to remind us how much we are loved and how grateful we should be for Jesus Christ's love for us.

The Importance of the Heart of Jesus in the Church

The heart of the Lord Jesus is one of the five cornerstones of the Catholic Church. Despite not being one of its most important treasures, this sacred piece continues to be seen as fundamental in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and in Christianity. A study on the Heart of Jesus can help us to better understand the motives for venerating the sacred body of Christ.

According to the Bible, the heart of the Lord Jesus was crucified and buried with his holy brothers. From there comes the great story of its importance for Christianity. The Heart of the Lord Jesus is the symbol of God's love for us, which makes us feel included in his redeemer. He leads us to God's mercy and advises us in dialogue with others. The Church considers the Heart of the Lord Jesus one of the greatest sacred treasures, as it is essential for our faith and for the unity of the Christian community.

How to Worship the Sacred Heart of Jesus

How can we worship him? To begin with, we need to recognize its spiritual value and celebrate its presence in all our activities. Another important way to adore him is to try to use him in our daily lives to take away evil from the world. If you are reluctant to do this, remember: God is with you!

The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents Jesus Christ's love for us and his worship is an act of thanksgiving for the blessings received throughout his life. The heart of Jesus is pure, just and loving and is able to care for each believer in a unique way.

Jesus, son of God the Father loved us and entered his heart into men. After his death, the heart of Jesus must remain in our hearts as a living reminder that we are sinners.

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