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Facts about San Pedro

By: Olivia Cristina

Have you heard about San Pedro? Want to know more about who Saint Peter was? Do you want to know about his teachings and their importance to the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church? So come with us and we'll tell you everything down here in the post.

Who Was Saint Peter?

São Pedro de Assis (or São Pedro de Alferes, in the official translation) was a French religious who was born in 1214 and died in 1252. He was one of the most important priests of the Catholic Church in the 13th century. He was also the first pastor of Mercê de São Pedro, where he held the position until his death.

Saint Peter was one of the best-known apostles of the Catholic Church, for being the first to teach Christians that Jesus was the Messiah. During his career, he has ministered to large communities and evangelized people around the world.

Teachings of Saint Peter

São Pedro, also known as Pedro de Alcantara or Pedro da Covilhã, was a Christian apostle who lived in the 1st century AD. His name means “Peter with Green Eyes”. He was very devout and wanted to become a knight of the Lord. He rejoiced to learn that Jesus had chosen him to be his companion on the cross. After the death of Jesus, he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and then returned to Portugal, where he dedicated himself to the mission of evangelizing the peoples of the north of the country.

Pedro dedicated his life to evangelism around the world and taught the importance of being devoted to our Lord Almighty God.

St. Peter's dedication to the teachings of Jesus can be seen even today, as many know about his evangelizing missions around the world.

Saint Peter's Commemorations

Currently, the celebrations of São Pedro are held in the month of June (often together with the celebrations of Santo Antônio and São João). There is a culture, mainly in the South and Southeast regions, where a fair is held, with square dancing, decorated with flags and typical foods.

It is common for people to release balloons and rockets, as well as hold group gatherings in order to raise money for some noble cause such as helping the most needy.

The Importance of Saint Peter in the Catholic Church

Saint Peter is considered the patron saint of the Roman Catholic Church. It was he who received the showers of prayer, and also the faith of the first Christians. Despite being just a boy at the age of 12, he was advised by Jesus to follow him to Mount Calvary.

On Mount Calvary, Peter prayed and interceded with God for the poor, the abandoned children and the oppressed. Thanks to his intercession, God granted Christians an open Heaven and a better life.

St. Peter is also the patron saint of the Universal Church of Saints.

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