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Understand How the Holy Mass Works

By: Olivia Cristina

The Holy Mass is a religious ceremony that has its origins in Christianity and is celebrated in different parts of the world. Find out what it is, how it works, and what attendees need to know.

Main Elements of the Holy Mass

Holy Mass is a religious celebration that brings together the faithful for prayer and worship of God. It can be done in the Catholic Church in temples or places where the entrance of the most holy sacrament is allowed. The main elements of Holy Mass are the Eucharist, the homily, the singing of the Word of God, prayers and liturgical prayers.

The Eucharist is the moment of communion, where the faithful take the sacred and blessed host as a representation of the body of Jesus Christ. The Eucharist symbolizes the Holy Supper and the union of us with the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

The homily is the part where the celebrant (priest, bishop, deacon or minister of the word) explains the readings of the Bible in a simple and intuitive way, seeking that the faithful understand what God means in the holy scriptures.

Songs are another way of worshiping and serving Jesus Christ and our Lord God. The chants make prayers, offerings, thanks in a beautiful and melodic way.

Prayers range from reading the word to prayers like our father. There is also the possibility for the faithful to perform a single prayer at the time of the Eucharist.

Liturgical prayers are the reading of the word of God. These readings vary according to Christian time and calendar.

Initial Rite of the Holy Mass

The Holy Mass is a religious rite that is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, being the first part of the Sunday service. The word “mass” means “mercy” and is a tribute to Jesus Christ, who lived his earthly life for the salvation of the faithful. To celebrate Holy Mass, the priest invokes the presence of Jesus on the altar and says a prayer in his honor. The people also participate in the mass, remembering his promises and praying for him.

Although many people believe that there are masses only on Sundays, many churches hold masses on several other days, seeking that all the faithful can participate.

How is the Holy Mass Divided?

The Holy Mass is a religious celebration that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It consists of the first part, the Canticle, preparatory prayers and praises to God for the victims of sin. In the second part, the sacred hymn is sung and people gather around the altar to receive the sacraments.

Decoration of the Holy Mass

The ceremony begins with the prayers of the High Mass and ends with the Feast of the Loaves, also known as the Eucharist. Throughout the celebration, participants can be inspired by the structures and decorations of the temple that follow a pattern according to the time and books of the bible.

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