Why Pray to the Saints?

By: Olivia Cristina

Religions are diverse, but they all have one thing in common: the importance of worshiping the dead. Most of the time, this practice is associated with the payment of sacrifices or other ceremonies. But what is the reason why people pray to the saints? The answer you are looking for is below.

What Are Saints in the Roman Catholic Church?

The saints are the apostles, prophets and martyrs of the Roman Catholic Church. They are characters that were considered by Christians as models of life and behavior during their lives here on earth. They were able to face the problems of human life with courage, faith and determination, offering teachings that helped to improve the living conditions of their contemporaries.

The word “saint” began to be used in ancient Egypt to refer to a new member of society who had been brought in to replace a priest who had died. The term became popular during the Roman period, when Christians began to unite into independent churches. Saints were venerated by all believers, but they were particularly revered because they believed they were being prepared to receive divinity.

Why Pray to the Saints?

The saints are important characters in the Christian religion, being considered as models to follow in our lives. Some of the main reasons for praying to them are: protection from adversity, financial help, health promotion, spiritual assistance and participation in God's rest. They are believed to have great power of intercession with God.

It is important to note that the Saints alone do not perform miracles or bestow blessings. The saints are only intercessors with God. That is, when you make a request to a saint or saint, he intercedes with God the Father for you. Therefore, who makes the request is God, for only he is capable of such mercy.

The Saints: Origin, Style and Meaning

Santos, or Santo are popular in Brazil. Religious and citizens who follow the Christian tradition pray to them throughout the year. The origin of the cult of the Saints is difficult to determine, but it can be presumed to be a continuation of the cult of the Apostles. According to some authors, the term Holy could have come from the Hebrew word “holy” (shaddai), which means “God is great”. On the other hand, other experts suggest that the name was inspired by the Romans. The style of the Saints is varied and varies according to the region where they were venerated. In Brazil, they are seen as protectors. The meaning of Saints varies from culture to culture, but generally it is related to love, peace and protection.

How Can Saints Influence Christians?

Saints can influence Christians as they show the way of faith and love. According to the Bible, God offered us a model of life in our image and likeness. Therefore, it is important that we recognize the importance of the saints to our spiritual growth.

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