Facts about the Holy Mass

By: Sophia Alves

The day of Holy Mass is one of the most important days of a Christian person's week, which is why all the faithful prepare with great care. Discover some of the curiosities related to the celebration of this sacred mass, which is a weekly event in the life of a practicing Christian.

What is Holy Mass?

The Holy Mass is the celebration of the life of Jesus Christ and his teachings that perpetuate here on earth. The event is held in the Catholic Church, and during the ceremony, the faithful participate in a special liturgy that tells the story of some Bible verses and readings (which change according to the day and the Christian calendar). The main attraction of the Mass is the part where the meeting between Christ and his disciples takes place, also called communion, where the faithful can take communion with a blessed host and drink the sacred wine that symbolize the holy supper before the death of Jesus Christ. .

Why do we sing Gloria?

The explanation for the use of singing in Holy Mass is simple: through it, we want to sublimate the celebration. The ancient Romans called this song “glory” because it reflects the beauty and grandeur of the deity being celebrated. In addition, singing contributes to the union of the faithful during the liturgy.

Basically the glory serves to exalt and demonstrate in a more intimate way how the faithful are grateful to God for all the wonders and blessings that occur in their lives.

Why Do We Make Moments of Silence at Mass?

During moments of silence, it is customary for the faithful to remain standing with their hands folded on their chests. Some keep their heads down, others gaze at the ground. This act is a demonstration of intimacy with God.

At this moment, each believer is a little closer to God and feels free to ask, thank and pray in a more affectionate and respectful way with God the Father.

The Ritual of the Holy Mass

Holy Mass is one of the most important rituals of Christianity. It takes place on several days of the week and at different times, so that all the faithful can attend. Each mass celebrates a part of the bible and all contain a homily, where the priest gives the power of the word.

All are welcome to mass, it is only necessary to respect the beliefs of the environment and behave properly. Holy Mass is free and can be seen by anyone who feels like it in their heart.

Basic concepts about the Holy Mass

Holy Mass is the official sacrament of the Catholic Church, commanded by the Pope. It is a celebration, in which one prays to ask God to help the faithful on the path of life. The basic concepts about it are: the hymn that will be sung during the celebration, the liturgical ceremonies, the sacramental effects and the essential points of the liturgy of Catholic worship.

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