What Do the Colors of the Bible Mean?

By: Olivia Cristina

The Bible is made up of books that were independently written and first published in one place in the year 40 AD by the Jew Masada. The colors of the Bible are used to distinguish each of the books and, in addition, they have very important meanings for Christians who seek to understand the word of God.

Meaning of Colors in the Bible

The Bible contains several colors that reveal the meaning of its messages. Colors are a reliable tool to interpret the teachings of the Bible in a simpler and more impactful way. Check out the meanings of the five colors of the Bible:

black: pain

The color black represents sadness and pain, as it reflects the aggressions suffered by the people of God. Furthermore, it reflects the sorrow and anguish that God's people suffer in the world without him and without his salvation.

It is important that you are aware that pain is part of everyone's life, whether they are Christians or not. However, the Christian must understand the value of pain and believe that after the storm comes calm.

pink: camento

Pink color is associated with love, kindness and good intentions. It's a color that awakens sensitivity and empathy. It is used to indicate the feelings that are linked to the sentimental, affective relationship or friendship. Also, the color pink indicates the feelings of pity and compassion.

Marriage is where two Christians come together by God's power and blessings to start a new family along Christian lines.

Red: Mercy

The red color means God's mercy. It is used to represent God's love and compassion for human beings. Furthermore, the color red indicates the Lord's love for his children.

With love and mercy, God shows himself to his children as a kind Father and full of blessings.

Green: Faith

Green is the color of faith, one of the colors of the Bible. According to Toraja, the colors represent the essential qualities of a good individual: friendship, wisdom, loyalty and honesty.

The color green is a sign of hope as it shows the fertility of the spiritual environment.

Faith is a union of hope with growth that makes every Christian believe in the beauties that God gives.

Yellow: Prayer

The yellow color represents prayer, one of the characteristics that help to identify the books of the Bible. It is used to illustrate the flags of Christian countries and is also the color of the olive branch (or Rosary), the symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Blue: Wisdom

Blue, represent knowledge. Blue is hope and faith. It reminds us that God is with us and will always be there. Also, the blue color represents the purity and innocence of the spirit.

Orange: Prophecy

Orange is a color that means progress. She is associated with Baptism, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Angels.

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