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Religious Symbols and Their Meanings

By: Olivia Cristina


Religion is a complex system of beliefs and practices that a person follows, in addition to having their own philosophy of life. Have you ever heard of religious symbols? They can be found everywhere, including in churches, temples and religious items. If you want to know more about the meanings of religious symbols, continue reading this article as we provide some information.

What Are Religious Symbols

Religious symbols are images, words or gestures that, for some, represent a certain idea or concept of religiosity. Depending on the religion to which they adhere, religious symbols can have different meanings. Some examples include watercolor colors, the five elements of nature and the seven virtues or have relationships with sacred books.

Six Pointed Star

The Six-Pointed Star symbol is known as a religious symbol. It is used to represent the union between God and his followers. Therefore, it is used both in the Jewish religion and in Christianity as a whole. This symbol can be seen mainly at Pentecost, when Christians further celebrate the union of God with their congregation. The purpose of Pentecost is to show everyone that Jesus is alive and is working in our lives.

Basically the six-pointed star represents the union of God with his disciples.


Cross means protection, love and faith. It is also a religious hierarchy, a symbol of power and pain, and a banner or flag of a nation. In many places it is possible to find crucifixes with Jesus representing his love when he died on the cross.

Furthermore, the cross demonstrates the suffering that Jesus had when saving us and how great his love was for us. Furthermore, it reveals how great God's love is, as he saw his son being crucified and killed for saving us from sin.

Crescent moon

The Crescent Moon is a religious symbol that represents the arrival of spring. It appears in Brazilian indigenous culture and is used for religious festivals, such as Carnival and the Festas de São João.


Sol, the Sun of Beginning, is the best-known religious symbol. It is mainly used in the Catholic Church, but is also found in other churches. The meaning of the Sun has changed over time and it continues to be used for different purposes. It is used to represent the Beginning, or Faith. Catholics believe that the Sun is the redeemed Christ, and that He came to give us eternal hope. Pentecostals use the Sun as a symbol of God's promise to heal the sick and free the imprisoned.

Wheel with Eight Spokes

The eight-ray symbol has a religious origin, being used in Egyptian mythology, where it represented divine power. However, it is also used as a symbol of protection and fortitude. The eight rays can be seen in different forms, such as stars or bridges.

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