Jesus' Ascension to Heaven

By: Olivia Cristina

Heaven is the place where God resides. That is why he cares so much about this place, for He is the only One who can assure us that we are welcome in Him. That's why Jesus Christ told the prophet Elisha, "You will see My Heaven, and it will be like the earth."

Learn More About Jesus

Believers believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God, who came to save all his children. They believe that he ascended to heaven on April 30, AD 33, after having suffered through tears and starvation to death. Jesus Christ died on the cross and was resurrected on the Lord's Day.

All About the Ascension and Jesus to Heaven

Jesus' ascension to heaven is one of the most remarkable stories in the Bible and for many it is one of the most profound revelations of human life.

To better understand this moment, in this post we are going to talk about what happened in the ascension, the subjects involved and the motives of those present.

The ascension of Jesus is an event that happened almost 2000 years ago. During that night, God manifested himself as a man, calling himself Jesus Christ. He ascended to heaven under the stars, along with his disciples. It is fascinating to imagine the presence of God on high, as it shows us that he is beyond the material world. The ascension of Jesus always provokes great emotion in his faithful.

What Does the Ascension of Jesus Mean?

The Ascension of Jesus to heaven is an emotional moment for all of us, as it shows how much God is committed to taking us to paradise. What does this rise mean? The Bible says that it was where Jesus met God the Father, where he received the greatest grace He can give: eternal life.

What Should Disciples of Jesus Do?

Jesus' ascension to heaven is one of the greatest events in God's history. For the first time men come to know that God is alive and ready to manifest himself in the world. The ascension is a great moment in the life of Jesus, which shows that he is the Messiah, the victorious Christ. Disciples of Jesus must heed this great revelation and do everything possible to follow the Lord's teachings.

Jesus is coming back?

Jesus is coming back? This is one of the most common questions about the ascension of Jesus. How did he get back to heaven? And why did he leave us? In this post, we are going to talk about these questions and others related to this subject.

Jesus returned to heaven to seal his covenant with God. He wanted to demonstrate that he was worthy of protecting his children until the end of time. Jesus also wanted to show us that He is capable of transforming anything, even a difficult situation. Thus, we can remain confident in the future and in the actions of the Lord.

When Jesus returned, he appeared to his disciples as they were gathered together to eat. They could not catch the spirit of God nor speak with Him during the ascension. Therefore, the apostles were surprised when Jesus appeared like a bright fire in the sky.

Why are the accounts of Jesus' ascension different?

Accounts of Jesus' ascension differ because some prophets were sent to witness his return and others were not. The first prophets were sent by God to announce the things that would follow in the life of Jesus. The second prophets were sent to teach Christian principles and preach the gospel to multitudes.

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