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Food and Christianity

By: Olivia Cristina


Over the centuries, food has been one of the subjects that most concerned philosophers. Whether because of the relationship between food and health, or because of the suffering these thoughts cause, all experts agree that a balanced diet is fundamental to overall well-being. For this reason, it is possible to find philosophical teachings about food in all eras.

Despite this, no amount of philosophical thinking about food has been able to radically change people's perspectives on food. On the contrary, the value systems transmitted by Christianity are still present in the way people see food. Although these values are profoundly different from those present in modern society, they still influence people in the sense that they should consume healthy foods and not follow popular eating patterns.

The Sin of Gluttony

The sin of gluttony is one of the biggest problems within Christianity. Why does God put such concern in our hearts?

Exaggerated eating can harm the body, and as the body is the house of God, it does not do well in a place where the owner himself does not care about it.

How to Sanctify and Give Thanks for Food

In this article we will show you how to celebrate food and give thanks to God for the good fruits He offers us. The objective is to remember that food is an essential factor for life, and that we must pay attention to its origins, in order to take better care of it.

1. Remember that food is a gift from God!
We space out to receive the good fruits of the world, but we give little thought to why God treats us so well. Of course, He wants to help us live healthy and happy lives, but that doesn't just mean love. Human creation is made to be surrounded by the good fruits of the heavenly Father, for God's sake. Therefore, let us take note of God's mercy and give thanks for giving us so many good gifts: life, happiness, love, peace… In the meantime, let us eat the fruits of the Holy Spirit!

2. Recognize the qualities of food!
Food is extremely important for our health. Therefore, we must recognize the qualities it has to help us maintain a good physical and mental shape. The best example is to start eating with a feeling of gratitude. Learn to value every morsel you eat and exercise. Always eat thinking about the good of your health!

3. Accept the good fruits that God has prepared for you!
Don't forget to give thanks for the simple things God does, no matter how simple the meal is, give thanks and acknowledge.

The Importance of Giving Thanks for Food

Food is one of the essential themes in Christianity. The objective is to teach the faithful to give thanks for the food received, as this will lead to prosperity and inner peace. It is important that Christians know how to distinguish what the mission of food is within religion: to offer peace to families and help in obtaining material goods.

Dine with Other Children of God

Food is a key issue for Christians, who believe that living a Christian life requires a balanced and varied diet. However, not all food is considered suitable for a Christian's meals. For example, there are days that are days of penance and red meat should be avoided, or on holy days where one must fast from heavy things and sweets.

A good way to sanctify your meals is in celebrations with other Christians who have the same principles as you.

Donate to the Hungry

Give bread to those who don't have it. If even Jesus Christ our redeemer shared the bread and fish, we must follow his teachings and help those who are hungry or in difficulty.

But remember, help must be from a good heart and soul, and must not have intentions behind its actions.

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