Monitor your cholesterol on your cell phone

By: Olivia Cristina

Find out if your cholesterol is high using your cell phone.

See, did you know that you can monitor your cholesterol through your cell phone? That's right, you can stay on top of your health 24 hours a day via your cell phone wherever and whenever you want!

How does the Cholesterol Monitor App Work?

Firstly, you need to download one of the available apps and regularly update your cardiovascular wellbeing on the app. This way, you can follow up and try to reduce your cholesterol by leading a healthier lifestyle.

In general, these technologies allow you to monitor your heart health even on your busiest days, having everything at your fingertips. However, remember that these are informational resources only and do not replace medical consultations for anyone who has questions about their cholesterol levels.

Risks of having High Cholesterol

High blood cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart disease. High LDL cholesterol, often caused by a diet rich in saturated fats and lack of physical activity, requires careful management as it can cause a series of dangerous health diseases such as heart attack, stroke and thrombosis.

Benefits of Cholesterol Monitoring Apps

  • Nutritional education: you have access to content about the nutritional value of foods, to make market choices that can help you improve your cholesterol and maintain a healthier diet.
  • Lipid profile analysis: some applications provide a detailed analysis, including LDL, HDL and triglyceride values, for a complete view of your situation and your health.
  • Ease of use: you can see accurate results and detailed analyzes of your cholesterol levels in a convenient and effective way, that is, you can see in graphs how your health is doing.
  • Data logging: Keep a complete record of your cardiovascular health, from cholesterol monitoring to glucose control, with intuitive interfaces.
  • Personalized tracking: Personally monitor your LDL levels over time and understand the impact of your choices on cardiovascular health and how it applies to your everyday life.
  • Super Complete Applications: in addition, you have access to extra tools for comprehensive cholesterol control, you can also monitor other diseases such as diabetes.

Cholesterol Monitoring App: Cardi Health

It goes beyond mere monitoring to help you understand and manage your heart health, developed in collaboration with world-renowned healthcare institutions and available for Android and iOS.

This app is super complete and even has blood pressure monitoring, a personalized diet and tips on how to improve your health by monitoring your cholesterol.

LDL: Cholesterol Tracker

An intuitive and simple choice for those looking for immediate access to health monitoring technology for Android and iOS. This application requires you to fill in daily HDL and LDL values to calculate total cholesterol, in addition to triglycerides, offering tools such as lipid profile monitoring that guarantees a greater analysis of your health.

In addition, it offers the option of monitoring, alerting you to whether the levels are normal, high or at a warning sign. The best thing is that you can still track and share your results.

Cholesterol Monitoring Application: Klinio

Designed for people who suffer from diabetes but also monitors cholesterol, it has a wide range of personalized diet and exercise programs.

The best thing about this app is that it allows you to evaluate your health in a more complete way, as you can monitor cholesterol and diabetes in one place. It is also available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded in a simple and intuitive way.

Hello Heart

The result of an Israeli startup, it integrates Artificial Intelligence to modernize health monitoring, offering a free service with a premium option that analyzes your cholesterol in a super reliable way. Furthermore, it provides explanations about the results and what impacts this may have on your health. It is available for Android and iOS.

These apps, while not a substitute for medical advice, represent valuable tools for keeping an eye on your health status.

And there?! What did you think of these apps for monitoring cholesterol on your cell phone? Tell us here in the comments and don't forget to share!

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